Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Moonlight Roller Boys

Over the past few months my wife and I have begun going to this local rollerskating rink in Burbank know as "The Moonlight Roller Rink" and while I can say roller skating to a bunch of random music with your friends is fun, what clearly makes the night is getting to check out all the local talent polishing up their skating skills. So with every trip to the rink, I'm gonna start chronicling the trips with a few sketches of some of the awesome skaters we've encountered the night before.

"The Ref"
This guy is the police of the roller rink hardwood. He doesn't mess around with making sure people obey moonlight protocol and keep it clean and fun in the rink. His attire includes an xx small ref jersey, extra tight jeans featuring his bulging crotch, two cell phones and a blue tooth head phone devise to keep it hands free on the hardwood. He provided us with the quote of the night which my wife over heard him saying to one of his buddies (no joke):

"People think my job isn't serious, but guess what, I take is very seriously, if there is a dropped sweatshirt or a spilt beverage in the rink, that could be a death on the floor!"

"The Punisher"
Dressed in all black and red in the face and covered in bulging veins, this guy skates with the heat intensity of a thousand hells. He never smiles, never laughs, doesn't enjoy the music, only punishes him self to get better by skating until his soul bleeds and forces him to stop. No quote from this guy, because he doesn't speak, he just skates and creeps everyone out.

More to come following the next trip to the rink...