Friday, June 04, 2010

Chades Challenge - Patriotic Chinchillas

For those of you who don't know, my good buddy Austin Madison runs a bi weekly character design challenge over on his blog. Every two weeks there is a new concept for a character to design, this time around the challenge was to design Patriotic Chinchillas! And being that my wife and I own the coolest Chinchilla in the world (his name is Wicket) this seemed like a challenge I had to jump in on. Above is my serious contribution to the challenge, it's Wicket showing off his true patriotic spirit, which as my wife can tell you he displays on a daily basis. Below is my stupid contribution to this challenge, you see when my friend Austin creates a stupid hero, I have a strange urge to create an even dumber villain. Austin's contribution to this weeks challenge as seen over on his blog was a "Chinchilla Captain America" and so I thought to my self, what's Captain America with out the "Red Chin-Skulla!" Clearly the bar has been lowered as this is simply an evil brooding Chinchilla with skull face paint, but none the less here's to creating lame super heros Austin!

Patriotic Chin & Red Chin-Skulla