Monday, October 23, 2006

The Book of Ancient Myth and War

So here is another piece I did for our book that were working on "The Ancient Book of Myth and War." It's the warrior that I've posted before, only here you can see him in all his finished painting and collaged glory. Creating the work for this book has been one of the best artistic expiriences for me so far. Everything from the subject matter, to the freedom of exploring new styles has just been a blast, I still have a few more pieces to do, but the end of the road is near. It's looking like were going to be having the book out in March now, and hopefully having a little art-show shin-dig down in LA to release the book, nothing written in stone yet, however I'll post more when I know more.

PS - The Frederator Website has decided to put my student film "Catfood" on their Halloween Special Podcast, check out their site if you're interested in creepy old ladies and toilet zombies. I made the film when I was at Cal Arts almost two years ago, so it's a bit dated, but I had a blast making it.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Book of Ancient Myth and War !! UPDATE !!

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, I'm neck deep in artwork at the moment, so for a little while the postings will be sparatic, but here's one for October. This is one of my paintings for the Book of Ancient Myth and War, that I'm currently working on with a few of the artist here at work. It's the warrior vs. " The Claw from the Red Sea! " and it looks like our guy is off to a bad start with his battles against the greatest beasts in the history of the universe, not sure if it will get any better for him, but anyways I'm really excited about this book, it's gonna be filled with amazing art from Scott Morse, Don Shank, Ricky Nierva, Lou Romano, and me ( I'm just gonna try to keep up with these guys). Like I said, it's gonna be sweet. Were looking to have it come out sometime in February, I'll continue to post more updates about this, in the meantime, I have links to some of these artist, so check out their stuff, in my opinion, it's the best around.