Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kung Fu Panda - Secrets of the Scroll

I had the awesome opportunity a while back to Art Direct a Kung Fu Panda half hour special titled “Secrets of the Scroll” for Dreamworks.  It was directed by the incredible talent Rodolphe Guenoden and was a blast to work on.  I was also lucky to have such an inspiring team of artists working with me : Chris Zibach, Jason Brubaker, Erik Tilmans, Rich Ramazinski, Jason Stoval,Griselda Sastrawinata, Natalie Franscioni-Karp and countless other amazing artists who helped contribute to this awesome special.  Above are just a few of the painting I did for the show, but there are tons more in the special from the artists listed above as there is over 18 min of 2D animation in the special.  KFP Secrets of the Scroll is on Netflix so check it out!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Last weekend for class sign up

Hey Everyone,

If you are looking to build on your character design skills, want to build up your character design / vis dev portfolio, or are looking for some professional feedback and draw overs for your character design work, then have a look at the two online character design classes I'm teaching that start up this weekend.  Both classes focus on different aspects of character design so for a closer look, click the links below.

Character Design for Animation

In character design for animation we focus on the fundamentals of character design, and explore a wide range of assignments that showcase the ways to apply these fundamentals to your work.

Character Design for Production

In character design for production, the class takes you through 8 weeks of professional character design pipeline, so that as we go along week by week, you have a better understanding of what it means to design characters on a professional schedule, and have the work to showcase that understanding.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Character Design for Production

With my online character design classes starting this weekend, I wanted to put a little more info out there about them.  One of the classes I offer is Character Design for Production.  This class is an 8 week course that takes you from beginning to end on the professional production of a character design.  Whether you prefer designing in a more graphic and 2-D style, or are looking to develop a design with more of a 3-D sensibility, this class covers it all.  We focus on the fundamental building blocks of designing characters for production, which is how to make your designs be functional characters for animation.  Each designer starts out with their own concept and story description for their character, and week by week, we take that concept and story through pose sheets, expression sheets, turn arounds, ect.  By taking our design concepts through all the production stages that a professional project requires, we let the design evolve towards the end result, which is a fully functional design that can act / perform on screen.  Each week has a different lecture and demo which focuses on a different aspect of the professional character design pipeline.  And as work is submitted each week, I do draw overs on top of the submitted designs and talk about things we can do to not only improve the said design, but to improve the big picture of the character.  By the end of the course, you'll have 3-4 new spreads for your portfolio that shows you not only have the understanding of designing a character for a professional production, but you also have the work in your portfolio to show it.

For more info on this class, or to register to sign up, click HERE

Monday, July 18, 2016


...very distinguished Yeti

Online Summer Character Design Classes

Hey Everyone,

I'll be teaching 2 online classes this summer for character design.  For those of you who are interested and would like more info on the classes check out the links below:

 Character Design for Animation

Character Design for Production

I'll be posting about these two classes this week leading up to the start of the summer term, and if you want to see some demo sketches from the weekly live Q & A sessions we have during the online course, head over to my tumblr to see more

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Book Out Now "Monster Trucks"

Hey Everyone, this week marks the release of a new book I illustrated titled "Monster Trucks."  It's a fun and spooky smash'em up picture book written by the very talented Anika Denise.  If you want a sneak peek of the book, I'll have some pics posted over on my tumblr.  If you are interested in picking up the book you can find it in stores and online:


Barnes & Noble


Tumblr Too

Hey everyone, I've started a tumblr to go along with this blog so if you are on tumblr you can check out my posts and updates there too, check the link below: