Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Totoro

Here is my donation into the auction for the Totoro Forest Project. We were asked to illustrate what our very own Totoro would be. For me I grew up in the hot central valley in California, where for those of you familiar with that area in the state, there really aren't any lush thriving forests. So with that being said, my summers were spent climbing old trees and playing in the fields out behind my home on the edge of town. So for me, my Totoro has always been a form of a tree spirit, made up of all leaves, sticks, branches and twigs.

16" x 7"

Acrylic and Collage

Monday, June 16, 2008

LA Art Show this Saturday Night

Yeti's and Sasquatches and remote controlled cyborg Narwhals oh my! This coming Saturday night, the 21st of June, I'll be showing some new pieces of mine at the Art and Mayhem Gallery in Glendale, CA. Also showing new pieces that night will be my good friend Devo and Dave Wasson. So come and check out the show if your in the LA area on Saturday night. Check the flyer below for the address info.

Above is one of the pieces I'll be showing. A top secret Yeti Lair, barried deep in a glacier somewhere in the oceans surrounding Antarctica. A prefect location to test out his lethal new remote controlled blood thirsty cyborg Narwhals, not a good place to find yourself tied up.

9" x 13 1/2"

Acrylic and Paper - Cut Out