Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Ancient Book of Myth and War

So we now have a date for our Ancient Book of Myth and War gallery show, it's gonna be Saturday March 24th at Gallery Nucleus down in LA and will most likely be in the evening, and as soon as I hear of the exact time the show will start I'll post it. There is also some talk of us having a workshop the next day (sunday) at the same place, where we would be explaining our methods of working. Don Shank, Lou Romano, Scott Morse, and Ricky Nierva are absolutly amazing artists so if this happens you should check out how they work their magic.

As for the art in this post, here is a little glimpse at my final piece for the Ancient Book of Myth and War. It's a painting of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and arguably the finest stone cold fox in ancient times. Anyways, there is much much more to this painting, however I didn't want to show everything before the book came out, so here is a little close up detail on venus and her crazy hair doo!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Dead Sexy

So I know a day of the dead painting is a bit out of season, however this was actually a christmas present for my beautful girlfriend Crystal. She really loves day of the dead art and also has a strong intrest in zombies, so when she asked if I would paint her into a day of the dead scene with zombies, how could I resist. So what your actually seeing is a painting of her ( Crystal ) as a sexy day of the dead pin up, surrounded by zombies who are coming out of the ground in what would seem like a lustful rage.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Warrior Attack Paintings

Here is another warrior that is continuing to show up in my work. As indicated in the paintings, he's a head strong combatant that knows what he wants, and seems to get it. Anyways I did these over the break and they will be up in the art show for the "Ancient Book of Myth and War," that we will have sometime in the spring.