Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Character Design Class - Pirates!

Hey Everyone, my online Character Design Class just did an amazing weeks worth of Pirate Designs for our most recent assignment. The class is really turning out some amazing and inspiring work, so I thought I might contribute! Click HERE For more info on my Character Design Class and how to sign up for the Fall term.

Friday, August 10, 2012

From the Vault - Puss In Boots

A year or two ago, I worked on a really cool trailer project for Puss In Boots. The idea was to create a "Spaghetti Western" style teaser trailer for the film. We wanted to take page out of the Sergio Leone book of film making for this piece, and we had a blast doing so. It was a really funny sequence that Head of Story Bob Persichetti Conceptualized and Story Boarded. Chris Applehans did some Preliminary Design and Layout work, Jakob Jensen created the funny and highly stylized bit's of Animation, and I Locked and Set the Style, Painted the Backgrounds, Colored the Animation and put it all together in After Effects. All in all it was a really small crew, but the end result was something really fun and charming. It was cool because in a way, it was as if we were making a little film, at a really big studio. We ended up not using it as it didn't end up fitting with the tone of the final film, but I think the trailer is an easter egg or a special feature on the Blue Ray, but I'm not certain. Above are some Final Stills from the Teaser Trailer, & A Logo Chris and I Conceptualized which I created with a Two Color Linoleum Block Print, inspired by the great Saul Bass of course. All artwork above Copyright Dreamworks Animation.