Friday, September 26, 2008

Mr. Political

So as we all know, the race for president is really heating up. For me, as much as I love political caricatures and cartoons I've never really inserted any politics into my own art work. However, the more I have become wrapped up in he current election, I began to think it might be fun to play a little with some political cartoons. For me I have always loved the charming characters that Roger Hargreaves created for his Mr. Men and Little Miss Series (as seen below). The thing I love most about his style is he has combined such a simple idea with a simple design, and they just work together perfectly. So I thought it would be fun to take the current people involved in the election and politics and blend them with the style that Hargreaves worked in, to create a little series of my own completely inspired by Hargreaves fantastic characters and people in politics. Anyways, here are the first two in my little series of Mr. and Misses Politics. Above we have Mr. Change and Mr. McSame, based off the two presidential candidates. The style has been a blast to work in, and I'll post more all the way up to the election.

Just above : Roger Hargreaves work

Far Above : My work digital 8" x 10"

Monday, September 08, 2008

Commission Work

So over the past year I have been doing more and more commission work and it's been such a blast. So I thought I would slowly post some of the commission pieces I have done. While most of the pieces I have done aren't Yeti related, I thought I'd post a few here to get started. Below are a couple of pieces I did a while back...

This one ( Above ) takes place deep in the dangerous arctic swamps. In these hostile frigid swamps lives the "Arctic Swamp Clops!" Slow moving, but extremely aggressive and irritable. However he his vulnerable to sharp objects like frozen branches and large ice picks.

This one ( Above ) had a bit of a cute story behind it. There is a little girl in Detroit who goes by the nickname "Yeti" and her younger brothers name is Griffin, so a painting for the family with a little Yeti and her Snow Griffin buddy.

I have a bunch more that I'll continue to post in the future.

Both pieces are acrylic / gouache / collage