Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yeti In Europe

So I'm off to Europe with my girlfriend this week, we'll be gone for quite some time, I think like over three weeks. It's Our first trip to Europe, so were really excited. I'll have plenty of time to sketch while I'm on all those planes and trains, so I'll post some stuff when I'm back at the end of July.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Too Many Cooks

Last fall at work I was asked to illustrate a childrens book for our up coming movie "Ratatouille." It was a pretty tough assignment given the short deadlines and large amount of work, but it's all done and it's out in stores now ( Borders, Barnes & Noble, ect. ), so check it out I think it's a really fun book, but remember that it's designed for little kids, so the drawings are as cute as I could make them. I'll be sure to counter this post with a yeti vs sasquatch piece so that things don't get too cute around here.

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Nice Wet Old Lady

So I know the title to this post is a bit tasteless, however, we all know it needed to be said. Anyways, here is my quick contribution to the drawing club that a few of my friends have started. This weeks assignment was to draw up an elderly mermaid, and next week build off the idea. So next week I'll have a few more of these old ladies to sneak a peek at. Also, I have to appologize for the lack of posts lately, work has been crazy, but it's coming to a close, so expect a lot more drawings all the time.

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