Thursday, May 15, 2008

Art Show in LA

On June 21st I'll be in an art show at the Art and mayhem art Gallery in Glendale, CA. I'll be showing with a couple of great artists, my good buddy Devo, and Dave Wasson. The show will start at 6:00pm and go for several hours with all artists attending with original artwork for sale, as well as some prints, comics and some puppets. For the address, just check the flyer posted above. As for the pieces I'll be showing, they will be a collection of Dracula ( see painting above ) and some of his buddies "The Mummy", and "The Wolfman" going out on the town (local village) for some drinks and some good times. I will also be showing a few new paintings of some kick ass battles between my favorite sworn enemies Yeti and Sasquatch! So come and check out the show opening if you are in the LA area the night of the 21st.

Painting Above


6" x 10" Acrylic and Paper Cut-Out