Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Book of Ancient Myth and War

So we are just about finished with all our artwork for the book. The other guys stuff is looking amazing. If you haven't checked out their blogs ( Don Shank , Lou Romano, and Scott Morse ) seriously suggest you do. I have links to the right where you can see there work and it's some of the most inspiring stuff around. Lou has recently posted the cover image for our book which is incredible and scott has put up another inspiring piece from his collection, so check that stuff out. As for me, this is just simple black and white painting I did of a few of the toughest ancient warriors ever, these guys were so fun to paint that I think im gonna do some more of these, not sure which ones will make it into the book, but they will all at least be on display and for sale at our gallery show in LA for the release of our book, so if you're interested you can see them there, and ill most likely post some of them here as well.