Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Bye Lost...We'll Miss You

Unless you live under a very large rock, then you probably know that the amazing TV Series "Lost" has come to an end. Well, it was about two years ago that we got really into the show and needles to say, we have been hooked ever since. It was sometime during last season (season 5 ) that my wife Crystal surprised me with one of my favorite drawings of all time, an awesome sketch of Hurley! As the season went on she gave me several more sketches... John Locke....Miles.... and so with the closure of the show, she gave me a few more sketches for old time sake, I guess as a final send off ....Sawyer (which best illustrates how I feel about the show ending)....

Ben Linus aka Henry Gale aka Snake in the grass .... and who better than "chesty" Frank Lipidus. These are amazing babe, hopefully I can get some more if we ever re-watch the series!

If you haven't seen Lost, check it out!

"Sad Sawyer"
"Ben Linus"
"Chesty Frank Lipidus"
Colored Pencil
Crystal Wragg