Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flip The Bird - Oregon Art Show

In April I will be one of four artists teaming up for a bird themed gallery show at The Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. The show will be titled "Flip the Bird" and will showcase artwork from Ben Adams , Ben Burch , Lou Romano , and my self. The Brains behind the show are two amazing artists by the names of Ben Adams & Ben Burch. It's a show they have both helped put on for the past couple of years and I'm really excited to be apart of this years showcase. One thing that is gonna be really cool about this particular show, is each artist was given one of four seasons to create a layout / sketch for. Then that design is passed out amongst the four other artists, and in the end you have four different takes on four different seasons, each designed by one artist, but painted differently by everyone else participating. The season that I was given to design was Winter, and here is my painting of the layout and bird I designed.

The show is gonna be really fun, and the other artists participating are amazingly inspirational, so if you aren't busy on April 10th, Saturday evening, and you are in and or around the town of Astoria, you should come by the Lunar Boy Gallery and check out the show.

Ice Crane
12" x 12"
Acrylic and Paper Collage