Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thanks Spike!

Spike Jonez and Co. have recently set up an awesome blog called "We Love You So" chronicling everything that is "Where The Wild Things Are." Last week he posted the piece I did for Terrible Yellow Eyes on his blog, and although he didn't mention my name with the piece, I'm honored that he liked it enough to post it on his blog. Where The Wild Things Are is one of my favorite books of all time, and has now become on of my favorite films ever, not to mention a great example of how CG Animation can seamlessly merge with Live Action Filmaking if it's done with good taste. Too often, CG Animation becomes a crutch when it comes to creating special effects and character animation for films, but the fact that Spike and the team he assembled, constructed and built everything that they could by hand ( hat's off to Jim Hensons Creature Shop for those kick ass costumes ) and used only CG where they needed it ( mainly in the animation of the characters faces )I think set forth a great example of how the CG Animation medium should be used in film. Limited and only when necessary. Anyways my wife and I have already seen the film twice, and well probably make it to the theaters once more before it makes it's exit. The film is beautiful and a breath of fresh air for an industry that always seems to turn something we all love into something we wish was different. Anyways, thanks again Spike for posting my piece.