Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Waiting for the Bus

The past couple of months have been crazy as I have mentioned in some of my previous posts before. I'm gearing up for an art show in LA this coming June (details coming soon) and I have been doing a bunch of commission work which has been great. Which is what leads me into this post, this is a commission piece that I just finished and had been working on for a while. It's actually the biggest painting I've ever done, it's a whole 4 feet wide by almost 2 feet tall. While this piece was huge, it was a blast to work on. As for the subject matter, the only thing better than drawing monsters and businessmen, is getting to put them in the same painting! Below is the painting (Shrunken down of course) and I also included a close up view of the monster.

48" x 18" Acrylic and Paper Cut-Out