Friday, March 28, 2008

My Little Miss Perfect

One of the best things about having your fiancee as your best friend is when you're at home after work, you always have your favotite person around to hang out with. However, when playing guitar hero with your same favorite, things can get competative. My fiancee Crystal and I are hooked to this plastic guitar shredding game and it's awesome! And since we both too want to be awesome, when it comes to battling, the gloves come off. We both really enjoy the old little Miss and Mr. series ( sorry but I'm terrible with names, and can't remember the guys name who created all these little characters ) anyways, we both love his work and those little characters always remind me of her, so I thought I would make one special for Crystal and all her awesome guitar hero playing skills. I had such a blast making this cute little sour character for her, and everytime I see this drawing it just reminds me of how I love how competitive we get, and how I love how much fun we have playing those little plastic guitars.